Here's what Project Inspired (Nicole Weider's site/campaign) says about Lady Gaga and her "Satanic message:" "She’s using spiritual lures to make herself seem "otherworldly". She, like many entertainers, feels lofty and righteous by drawing close to evil (the dark side of life) and then claims she’s a follower of God.… » 6/13/12 5:57pm 6/13/12 5:57pm

I see cupcakes as being highly communal. Bring them to a party and watch yourself quickly become the most popular attendee (at least, until the cupcakes are gone). Yes, they are an individual treat, but look at CupcakeCamp, the worldwide phenomenon modeled on BarCamp ([]). They can also be… » 5/18/12 8:24pm 5/18/12 8:24pm

I didn't even know she had a book out, it sounds great. I am a fan of celebrity memoirs, whether they actually wrote them themselves or not - I mean, I assume even if they didn't they've read it and are generally down with what's in them and some I think are fascinating in the ways they show another side of the person… » 6/03/11 12:34am 6/03/11 12:34am

It seems like the height of hyperbole for Lapore to write "Five years of raising awareness for New York's Garment Center" are undone by one simple statement. Kate Betts argues in Everyday Icon, her new book about Michelle Obama and fashion, that she's shied away from directly addressing every bit of fawning or… » 2/08/11 11:49pm 2/08/11 11:49pm

I actually really liked The Carrie Diaries. It’s been a long time since I read Bushnell’s SATC book so I don’t remember it as clearly but especially in a world where a fair amount of YA is focused on girls crushing over boys, The Carrie Diaries had a pretty strong feminist, independent streak. It was almost hard to… » 2/07/11 7:32pm 2/07/11 7:32pm

I can't put my finger on why @kenzington that explanation doesn't sit perfectly by me. But it feels like it has to be more than that, no? I have to say, I’ve been an avid romance reader since my early teens, and recently rediscovered historicals, yet when I read Ree Drummond’s memoir The Pioneer Woman, which is billed… » 2/07/11 5:50pm 2/07/11 5:50pm

@nobodyr aka bradmillershero: Actually porn is still a topic at the conference. And Veronica Monet, author of Veronica Monet's Sex Secrets of Escorts: Tips From a Pro, is a speaker (I don't mention that to knock Monet at all, just to say that the reasoning here is weak or false, to pin it on Taormino's website) -… » 1/20/11 1:57pm 1/20/11 1:57pm

@Cimorene: I subscribe to People and US Weekly and do often buy some of the other tabloids, mostly to read at the gym but also to read late at night when my eyes and brain are tired (I don't have TV). I don't really think too much about where the photos come from - though I really liked this piece - and often see the… » 10/12/10 5:12pm 10/12/10 5:12pm

@LazyHippo: Indeed. Of course people are interested. From The Chronicle piece: "At one point Thursday night, "Karen Owen Powerpoint" was the second most-searched term in the United States on Google." Also, NYT: the HarperCollins editor’s query, "meant to be a private e-mail"? Isn’t anything one sends to Jezebel (or… » 10/08/10 10:57am 10/08/10 10:57am

I like what comedian Sara Benincasa has been doing, like in this Christine O'Donnell spoof - she says a lot about masturbation in a humorous way. The broader idea, though, that feminism is about defending (or supporting) anything a woman does is no better than someone privileging men over women. It not only doesn't… » 9/25/10 11:56am 9/25/10 11:56am

@lollilove: I'll echo some other commenters and say I don't think the movie's message is that you have to be a virgin to be a good girl, but more that it's about how you perceive your reputation and your sexuality and how you react to how others perceive them. Or how Olive reacted. She could've easily said, "Well,… » 9/20/10 11:51pm 9/20/10 11:51pm

@kookla: But how is she supposed to not talk about the kids at all if she's giving an interview? I mean, it seems like her life is pretty much working, being a mom of six and being married to Brad Pitt. She doesn't seem to be having mega scandals these days. I'm not saying she needs to spill every detail but obviously… » 9/01/10 7:07pm 9/01/10 7:07pm